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Hellboy Comments on front page now actually readable! I've also created a make shift menu of sorts to link to the other channels on each channel page above the stream. Happy Memorial Day weekend you bunch of Yankee doodles.
8 hours ago
Eden Trailer (2014) Daft Punk 03:56
The exhilarating new film from Mia Hansen-Løve (Father Of My Children, Goodbye, First Love) is a semi-biographical drama about the rise of the ‘French ...
1 day ago
videos 03:56
6 days ago
Hellboy What ho, Sandnigg! I have not one single clue who that young & innocent looking lady is in those scandalous AU NATUREL digital photographs you posted nor do I care one jot who she is. But my golly man, we really do not need to see the material used for your "release" plastered front & centre on this fine page. So I have removed her indecent exposure, feel free to "release" away to the sweet typing of my words in chat anytime though, pip pip cheerio!
Hellboy on Friday, 15 May 2015 17:19

Not anymore they aren't!

flipflop on Friday, 15 May 2015 17:10

they are still on the sidebar in new photos btw

6 days ago
videos 03:56
Hellboy on Friday, 15 May 2015 21:42

Saw the full 6min preview, a lot of CW tone in the show it seems but it had some potential, most of which is put together in this recut trailer. Since I've practically given up on both Arrow & The Flash now which are infinitely better looking than this I doubt I'll probably catch more than a couple episodes of Supergirl.

7 days ago
Hellboy And MT1's back (and so am I)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
9 days ago
Hellboy MT1 down temporarily, should be backup soon enough.
9 days ago
Hellboy Hellboy Anybody got any ideas for a playlist or playlists? Write'em down and I'll play it, do it, do it!
18 days ago

New Hardware

Hey guys, as you may have noticed, we lost MT2 a while back. With the current community size, we really aren't missing that second channel much. However, MT1 is now showing signs of failure. I will be replacing the dying server with a new system. The replacement will be an i3-5010U with 8GB DDR3 mem, and 64GB SSD. This will be a great improvement over our current system (C2D w/ 4GB DDR2) and will add much stability. It may even allow us to stream at a higher resolution. I will be placing the order for this unit tonight (2015-04-05). I am buying this on credit; and donations would be greatly appreciated as it will help me pay this off faster. In total, $380 was spent on this system.

Thank you all!
- Meep