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SandNigg Is the form section down I want to make a req Hanzo the Razor: Sword of Justice
Hellboy on Thursday, 27 August 2015 15:34

Its not down, just no link to it, not like anybody uses it. MT2's backup can only upload a file not a subtitle file along with it but I'll see if I can find a hardcoded version of the film otherwise I'll download it for MT1 whenever it comes back online

4 days ago
Huey added a new video untitled
Crimson Peak official trailer 00:00
No description
8 days ago
Hellboy Sorry about the delay guys & gals but the site is now online again and shouldn't go down again, MT1 should be backup soon.
9 days ago
Hellboy 136hrs or 76 movies now of backup movies on MT and growing by the day!
12 days ago
Huey added a new video untitled
The Hateful Eight-Official Teaser 00:00
No description
Hellboy on Wednesday, 12 August 2015 21:32

Looks alright, nice to see Roth back. Haven't seen Jennifer Jason Leigh in ages, I hope she kills them all!

15 days ago
Hellboy Lots more movies will be added to the MT2 autoloop today (A LOT MORE), also a shit ton of Tom Cruise movies :D Remember you can request movies off the movie list (under backup).
16 days ago
Hellboy MT1 will be down for another half a week or so, Meep's out of town. I'll try and add a couple more movies to the MT2 auto-playlist in the meantime. Check the Movie List for a list of the backup movies which can be requested in MT2.
22 days ago

New Hardware

Hey guys, as you may have noticed, we lost MT2 a while back. With the current community size, we really aren't missing that second channel much. However, MT1 is now showing signs of failure. I will be replacing the dying server with a new system. The replacement will be an i3-5010U with 8GB DDR3 mem, and 64GB SSD. This will be a great improvement over our current system (C2D w/ 4GB DDR2) and will add much stability. It may even allow us to stream at a higher resolution. I will be placing the order for this unit tonight (2015-04-05). I am buying this on credit; and donations would be greatly appreciated as it will help me pay this off faster. In total, $380 was spent on this system.

Thank you all!
- Meep